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This collection represents over four decades of the American automobile industry with many famous names, some of which are gone forever. These models are hand-crafted from original plans and patterns and are individually painted in authentic colours with chromed brightwork, white wall tyres where applicable and simulated glass windows. New and upgraded models will be introduced on a regular basis.

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BRK 204.jpg
BRK 204

Estimated release date - ? 2015

BRK 188_0.jpg
BRK 188
Date Deleted: January 1, 2013

BRK 187x.jpg
BRK 187x

 40th Anniversary Model. Limited Edition.

BRK 183_1.jpg
BRK 183
Date Deleted: January 1, 2013

BRK 176_1.jpg
BRK 176
Date Deleted: January 1, 2014

Production Run : 2012 - 2014

The 1954 DeSotos were well-engineered, solid cars. Their problem was styling which lagged behind their major rivals, and the price war between GM and Ford that helped push DeSoto down to 12th place in sales rankings. The Sportsman hardtop had been around since 1950 and the name would last until 1959, less than two years before the marque's demise.

BRK 175.jpg
BRK 175

The 1957 Oldsmobiles were billed as being the most completely changed in over 20 years of the Division. Lower and wider, styling was clean and fairly simple apart from curious ribs along each side of the roof and down the trunk, which divided  opinion.  Most popular of the extensive line-up was the four door sedan with over 53,000 sales, but close behind was the 2 door Holiday with almost 50,000.

BRK 174x.jpg
BRK 174x
Date Deleted: January 1, 2011
BRK 174.jpg
BRK 174

This was the last of the traditional 'step-down' Hudsons and the 4 door semi-fastback sedan was the last Hudson to keep the styling introduced in 1948. In deep financial trouble, Hudson would be absorbed into the Nash empire to form American Motors and the following year's Hudson used a Nash body.

BRK 173.jpg
BRK 173
Date Deleted: June 30, 2012

The Monarch was a specially trimmed Monterey for the Canadian market. Different grille and side treatment were the main differences with unique lines such as Lucerne and Rideau.

BRK 172.jpg
BRK 172

In common with other Lincolns, the Model K had revised frontal styling for 1937. The Le Baron convertible was available in two versions, both on the 145 inch wheelbase. Model 363-B had a disappearing glass partition behind the front seat and model 363-A did not. Despite the purchase price over just over $5,500 a total of 37 cars were built, a reasonable number for this type of vehicle.